wackawackamunv2 Youtuber Family, Age, and Bio

wackawackamunv2 created youtube videos in a comedic form. His videos are based on gaming, anime and memes reactions. He has 1.15M subscribers on YouTube which he started on 18 Aug 2020.

His content often consists of witty commentary and overblown reactions to popular trends. Wackawackamunv2 has gained a loyal following due to his use of comedy and genuine passion for the content he creates.


  • wackawackamunv2 is a big fan of Dragon Ball Z and Attack on Titan.
  • His most popular video on his channel is, "BLIND DATING MEN BASED ON THEIR BODIES | Jubilee".
  • wackawackamunv2, 23, was born in USA. He grew up with his family and siblings.

wackawackamunv2 Career

He is active on Twitch whose user name is, wackawackamun where he stream Five Nights at Freddy's. He also do chit chat session with his followers through it. On his Instagram account, he has 1 lac followers.


  • wackawackamunv2 is a full time YouTuber.
  •  His admirers on Instagram interact with his posts by providing opinions.
  • He feed his street dogs.
  • His real name is, Sydney Wambua as per LinkedIn.
  • He also takes part in gaming tournaments and events.
  • He continuously posts updates about his Twitch streams and personal photos.

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