Comedian Michael Blaustein's Personal Life

Known for Person of Interest (2011), Up There (2019), and Punk'd (2003). He shows his comedy skills on YouTube to his one million subscribers and has uploaded 250 videos on his channel so far, which has been liked a lot by the people.

His comedy videos are related to the topic of day to day life. He talks about his father and mother. He also includes his brothers and sisters for topics.

If you watch all his videos, he is different from others. He has earned a lot of views. His way of speaking is greatly appreciated.

When he started his YouTube channel, he did not think that he would become a comedian. On October 5, 2007, Michael uploaded his first video and even after 20 years, his YouTube channel is very much liked among the people. Not only on YouTube, people also drop comments on his Instagram handle.

Michael Blaustein podcast 'Stiff Socks'

Michael has also hosted popular podcasts Stiff Socks' at Northern Michael University, in March 2024. Tickets price for Michael's podcast are $5 for NMU student, staff and $20 for the general public.

Comedic sketches, debates about current events, and interviews with famous people are all part of the podcast episodes.

Many people go to the live tapings of Stiff Socks because they want to witness Michael's witty banter and sharp intellect in person. Everyone can afford to go and enjoy the event because tickets are so cheap.

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Michael Blaustein's trivia

  • He is a co-host of the Stiff Socks Podcast.
  • Posting videos of himself performing stand-up comedy, he has amassed over a million Instagram followers.
  • Coastal Carolina University was his alma mater for marketing studies.
  • He took on a cross-country comedy tour.
  • For an acting career, he would uproot from Washington, D.C. and settle in New York.

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