Lil 50 biography, age, songs and net worth

Lil 50 is a rapper known for hits such as Out the Sunroof. and Freddie N Jason. In 2020, he began his career and in 2024, he has achieved a lot from his career.

He has more than 4 lacs followers on his Instagram account and has over 60K followers on his YouTube channel.


  • Lil 50's first song was "START IT OFF FREESTYLE" and his latest song is, "Young & Ruthless" released in 2023.
  • More than 30 million times on his official YouTube channel has been viewed.
  • Fans also call him a fashion idol of Cleveland, Ohio where he was born.
  • Share a great bond with rapper Lil Tjay and make a video with him 2022.
  • He is 4 feet 5 inches tall.


  • Young & Ruthless
  • Time Again
  • Green Hearts
  • Free WDG
  • Name Alive
  • Freddie N Jason
  • Keep Going
  • Da Pot
  • Doors
  • Out the Sunroof
  • Ready to Slide
  • Block Lit
  • Hittin
  • My Cup
  • Switchy
  • Viewz From Tha Topp
  • Faith in My Iron
  • Law & Order
  • Face Shot
  • Steppin for Real
  • Reason
  • Scared
  • WDG
  • In Dat Jam
  • Robberies
  • You Lied
  • Face to Face
  • We Da Ones
  • Road
  • Pop Sum
  • The Drop
  • With That


  • Lil 50 first gained recognition by creating rap tracks on platforms like Myspace and YouTube.
  • His song debuted impressively and received nominations marking a significant milestone in Lil 50's career.
  • He is a successful person.
  • He has put out a bunch of albums and mixtapes that made him super successful when he was starting out.
  • His music has made it onto the Billboard charts and has been a big commercial hit.
  • Right now, Lil 50's worth $10 million in 2024.
  • He got to where he is through his long career, and he's worked with big names.

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