Is Andi Peters Gay?

Andi Peters is a TV presenter and producer. He also works in journalism. He is most famous for the children's BBC show Good Morning Britain which he hosted and became quite popular.

He also participated in "Dancing on Ice" and people started getting to know him there, after which he also participated in shows like Celebrity MasterChef.

Who is Andi Peters?

  • Andi Peters, 53, started his career very early and he first appeared on Children's show after that he worked in his second show named The Broom Cupboard in 1989.
  • He worked in Live & Kicking also and got a lot of successes from there.
  • He keep moving forward and worked in series like The Noise, The Ozone.
  • He also narrated The Big Reunion, from 2013 to 2014, after that he also worked in a lot of drama series.
  • From 2020-21, he worked in the ITV show "Lorraine".
  • He has now brought his career to the film world.
  • Andi had worked in a small part in Toy Story 2.
  • He has also appeared in Netflix documentary series and people have liked it a lot.
  • Peter has never stopped, he worked in the show The Graham Norton Show in 2022 and then due to family problems, he left the show which till date has not told why he left.

Andi Peters personal life

Andi Peters is not married nor does he have any children. He confirmed on the show "Loose Women" that he is currently single and does not want to spend time with anyone.

If we talk about him being seen with a girl during the holidays in 2019, he was seen but he considered her only his friend and said that, "I am single and I just go by myself".

In interviews he was asked about the girl with him during the lockdown in 2019. People noticed, there was a girl in the garage and call her as his wife, but he not confirmed the rumors and said that "she is not my wife, she is just a friend of mine."

He keeps his life away from alcohol and exercises 3 days a week.

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